Low-temperature Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizers


[INQ. NO. 2207M01] HMTS-142D is a pass-through, low-temperature hydrogen peroxide sterilizer designed for the Central Sterile Services Departments with a need for an isolated clean room. The automatic sliding door allows for easy loading and increases productivity.

This model features compliance with ISO 14937. For the user interface, an LCE touchscreen monitor is adopted. Weighing 640kg, it has system dimensions of 1688 mm (H) x 1050 mm (W) x 1075mm (D).

HMTS-142 is the most advanced low-temperature hydrogen peroxide sterilizer from Human Meditek. With the large 142L chamber and optimized cycle options, HMTS-142 allows customers to process more loads and a wide variety of medical devices quickly, safely and efficiently. Weighing 550kg, it has system dimensions of 1688 mm (H) x 833 mm (W) x 1016mm (D).

HMTS-80E is the most popular model in the HMTS lineup. With a large chamber and four cycle options to process a wide variety of medical devices, HMTS-80E enables customers to enhance overall productivity and enable a high standard of patient care. Weighing 430kg, it has system dimensions of 1670 mm (H) x 740 mm (W) x 835mm (D).

HUMAN MEDITEK provides a new plasma sterilizer to sterilize highly sophisticated, heat-sensitive surgical instruments.

There are few companies in the world that have the ability to develop and produce plasma sterilizers. HUMAN MEDITEK is one of them.

With globally recognized technologies, HUMAN MEDITEK established a research center to develop various plasma sterilization products.

HUMAN MEDITEK has become a prestigious global brand that contributes to the international medical community with new plasma technology, and will continue to make ceaseless efforts to be the leader in low-temperature sterilization.

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