IoT Device for the Prevention of Car Accidents

[INQ. NO. 2207M11] ROPE Inc. has become the first in the world to commercialize the ‘BATON SOS’ service, which is an AI-based e-Call system that plays an innovative role, under the slogan of ‘Cars report their accidents by themselves.’ The company has developed relevant products and services.

‘BATON PLUG,’ an IoT device that contributes to the prevention of car accidents, recognizes an accident within 0.3 seconds, and sends GPS-based emergency alerts to 911 insurance companies, acquaintances, etc.

BATON PLUG secures golden time by sending the general situation and GPS information to pre-set contacts upon recognizing an accident. When sensing a car accident, BATON PLUG sets off a strong warning sound for 30 seconds. In this process, one can cancel it to prevent misconceived calls. After that, emergency calls are made to pre-set acquaintances, insurers, as well as 112 and 119. Such quick SOS calls play key roles in securing golden time which, in turn, helps save lives.

BATON PLUG can be easily installed in all types of vehicles as long as a car has a cigar jack or a USB port. As the product is not mounted on a dashboard, the visibility is secured and the neat car interior is also possible.

What you have to do is just download the BATON app and connect it to the device to get BATON PLUG started. Another feature is that BATON PLUG has built-in USB charging ports for smartphones and other devices to be quickly charged. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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