Six-axis Articulated Industrial Robot

[INQ. NO. 2208M17] Zeus Co., Ltd. is an engineering company that has grown along with the development of the IT industry, featuring the sequential development process of semiconductors, display, and smart factory industries since its founding in 1970.

Listed on the KOSDAQ stock exchange in Korea, Zeus has about 700 employees and keeps growing.

Zeus’s annual sales amounted to about US$300~400 million, and it is continuing to maintain strong financial stability with its diverse portfolio, despite the down-cycles of the IT industry.

Zeus is now celebrating its 50th anniversary and is preparing for a second leap forward to provide high-end solutions in Industry 4.0. Its first step is the ZERO series, the small industrial robots created through its experience in the equipment and robotics industry over the past decades.

In 2019, Zeus released its first 6-axis articulated industrial robot. With its payload of 5kg, ZERO six-axis articulated robot is designed for various applications including pick-and-place, PCB assembly, and vision inspection. As the path is shortened through passthrough, the tact-time can also be reduced by 10-20%.
The Scara has a payload of 4Kg and shows reproducibility of ±0.01mm, which is the best in its specification class. The weight of the robot is 16 kg, so one adult can carry it alone easily. Two types were released — a general type, and a clean room type (Class 100).

With a repeatability accuracy of ±0.1mm, Delta is suitable for applications requiring the use of conveyors, such as pharmaceuticals, electronic devices, and packaging materials. It is designed to be very light at only 27kg including the frame. It is a tabletop robot that can be installed on a workbench. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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