Buffer-type Car Stopper


[INQ. NO. 2208M18] J AUTO is a company specialized in manufacturing and selling buffer-type car stoppers based on industrial machine technologies it has built up for some 20 years, and has acquired relevant Korean and international patents.

Buffer-type car stoppers are installed in parking lots. They are used for stopping cars when being parked so as to relieve the impact force of tires and help extend the lifetime of a car.

The company’s buffer-type car stoppers feature elastic resilience and can be used with other parking blocks as long as they are attached onto the rear side of the stoppers.

Rubber or plastic car stoppers continue to be damaged, while buffer-type car stoppers are economical by saving excessive management time and replacement costs for maintenance.

Buffer-type car stoppers can provide parking convenience
As they are able to perform various functions as once after adding the buffer function to existing rubber or plastic car stoppers, the buffer-type car stoppers can provide parking convenience for citizens who are actual users.

Not only can they simply lower the parking impact, but also prevent car bumper damages. While preventing impact faced by recent vehicles such as EVs, hydrogen vehicles, etc., with lots of sensors, they are also able to keep pedestrians safe and preserve the environment as they do not produce waste, unlike those made of rubber or plastic.

They could even last for over half a century beyond the limit of several years’ replacement cycle.
When having functional failures that could take place while using them, you just need to simply change parts, thereby reducing management costs.

As being able to apply to those rubber or plastic car stoppers currently in use, they could prevent possible damages in advance.

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