Cluster Hammers

[INQ. NO. 2208M41] TOP DRILL’s cluster drill consists of a robust canister fitted with TOP DRILL TM hammers.

These hammers utilize specially designed drill bits. Hammers fitted with these bits rotate with the canister.

TOP DRILL also uses reverse circulation TGM hammers that are designed especially to provide better performance through efficient removal of cuttings.

Hole-opener TGM hammers are designed for widening of predrilled pilot holes.

With its TGM Hammer, it is possible to drill super-large diameter holes from 470mm to around 3,658mm. It is suitable for sensitive downtown infrastructure, and it can be more flexible to use depending on the situation.

Manufacturing of other sizes of TGM hammers according to a customer’s request
One of the biggest strengths is that TOP DRILL can manufacture other sizes of TGM hammers upon customers’ requests. It is compatible with Kelly box, hexagonal pin, or flange.

Compared to the single DTH hammer, it saves both on maintenance & substitution time, and is more efficient because its TM hammers provide drilling with lower air consumption, and it is easy to assemble and disassemble the TM hammers.

Furthermore, the same size of bits leads to cost-reduction compared to conventional large DTH bits and bits are free to be rotated and buttons wear evenly.

TOP DRILL uses special materials with excellent abrasion resistance, durability and quality, based on strict quality control.

TOP DRILL was established in 1999, despite numerous brands dominating the market, and the company is continuously growing, having secured a leading position. TOP DRILL is currently operating in more than 50 countries around the world.

In spite of numerous brands dominating the market, TOP DRILL is continuously growing and has secured the leading position.

TOP DRILL provides fundamental solutions for your drilling and business offerings, ranging from conventional hammer & bit, to cluster drills up to the largest holes.

The company’s president said “Our comprehensive portfolio helps us match the right product, services and solutions to our customers’ specific needs. Our aim is to never lose sight of what benefits our customers most.”

TOP DRILL is moving forward with a vision to suggest a better drilling solution provider for our customers. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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