Foldable Parking Bollards to Block Vehicles

[INQ. NO. 2208M40] A bollard is a stake-shaped road safety facility that is mainly used to block vehicles from entering and to secure the safety of pedestrians.

Out of many types, a foldable parking bollard is a facility used to secure designated parking lots; no-parking areas around the entrances of buildings; VIP-only parting lots in front of shops or in large-sized building parking areas; parking areas on roads in front of detached houses; etc.

It can protect such designated or personal parking areas and reduce the occurrence of disputes arising from parking problems involving other vehicles.

There are some similar products. As they are made of PE materials, they are light, which reduces damage to vehicles involved in collisions. However, they are not strong enough to endure breaking or bending. In addition, they are not aesthetically pleasing due to discoloration as they are installed outdoors.

Outstanding features of foldable parking bollard
The features of our foldable parking bollard are that it is made of light aluminum alloy, making it easy to move and handle. Depending on the places and environments where it is to be installed, users can choose either anchor types or embedded types.

And it is designed for users to secure their designated or personal parking areas by using locking devices. It comes with a cap with various colors, and it is also possible to produce customized ones to satisfy surrounding environments and atmospheres. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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