Fuel-saving Device for Automobiles


[INQ. NO. 2208M32] SAVE Inc., since its founding in 1988, has been carrying out product development, manufacturing, and global trading in six business fields.

SAVE recently proudly launched EnSave” on the global market based on its business philosophy of saving energy and the environment.

SAVE now has global branches and networks in more than 30 countries, and conducts close marketing cooperation with Korean governmental & public agencies, such as KOTRA, KITA, Gobiz, GBC, etc., enabling it to expand its business range worldwide.

Fuel-Saving Device for Automobiles using Wave Energy Catalyst
EnSave™, which has the effect of complete combustion and fuel-saving of a revolutionary automobile engine for economy, eco-friendliness; and safety, radiates the wavelengths of far-infrared wave energy generated from rare earth minerals into the engine, which decomposes the carbon component in the fuel. It acts as a catalyst to reduce fuel consumption and has the effect of improving fuel efficiency and reducing fumes by increasing engine power.

Realization of fuel and fume reduction at the same time
As a catalyst that increases the combustion efficiency close to complete combustion, it is able to reduce fuel and fumes at the same time. In addition, it is an eco-friendly product that removes harmful gases from the inside of the engine by acting as a catalyst in the pre-combustion stage inside the engine.

Unlike similar products that directly affect the existing car engine and internal components, EnSave™ can be installed easily within three minutes by simply putting it in an air filter. It is made of natural harmless materials such as rare earth, so it does not affect the life of automobile engines or parts. As there is no need for any electrical connection, it is safe to use without causing accidents like a vehicle fire.

In order to apply this effect most advantageously, when it is installed in a vehicle with a high fuel ratio, such as a long-distance vehicle, a bus, or a large distribution truck, the economic advantage increases. In addition, for older diesel vehicles with high carbon content in the fuel, it improves the smoke, fuel efficiency, vibration, and noise.

When installing EnSave™, it is better to consult with the manufacturer because the number of installations differs according to the displacement/horsepower of the vehicle used, etc.

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