Smart Parking Systems

[INQ. NO. 2208M31] AJ Automated Parking Systems leads the Korean mechanical & automated parking manufacturing & service industry, delivering a full range of total smart parking solutions including mechanical parking, and various parking management & operation solutions.

The company offers customers the best value by developing & manufacturing smart & secure parking systems to ensure the most efficient, convenient level of automated parking systems & solutions.

Tower type parking system
At the entrance of the system, your car is loaded onto a steel pallet that is being moved by a lifting cage vertically through the elevator rail, and your car (on the steel pallet) is parked into a storage shed on one of the floor layers, and this system is commonly called a Parking Tower. The system has the fastest car entry and retrieval speed and it is suitable for medium- and large-sized buildings or parking towers.

Tower-type parking systems are classified into top loading model, middle loading model, and bott om loading model — according to the position of the entrance location — and they are also segmented into stand-alone type, and building built-in type, depending on the supporting structure.

Cart type parking system
The carrying device, which is called Lift & Cart, carries cars simultaneously in multiple directions by horizontal & vertical movements through the elevator & cart rail. Based on each project site condition Lift & Cart accommodates a vast number of cars, up to thousands, thanks to stacking cars up by layers into the underground; and also, the speed of car entry & retrieval does not exceed a few minutes. The mechanism that has partial errors does not have any effect on the other parts, and the operation of the system is also the strength of the system that is recommendable for wider & larger-scale buildings.

Multi-layer circulation type parking system
This system is designed to park a car by horizontal pallet movement located in the middle of the system on each of the layers & vertical double lift movement located on the ends of both sides.

Multi-layer system has two typical types varying by the entrance positions, which are the top loading type & direct loading type. The system has the highest level of space efficiency & effectiveness, and enables 99m² buildings set a six-car capacity parking lot in the bottom of the building. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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