Hydrogen Gas Generator


[INQ. NO. 2208M24] Since its establishment in 1987 as Chang Jin Co., Ltd., Hygentech Solution Co., Ltd. has focused solely on the hydrogen sector for more than 30 years. Hygentech Solution has been developing solutions directly related to green hydrogen from renewable energy and carbon neutrality.

Hygentech Solution manufactures and conducts R&D on electrolysis devices (electrolysis units) tailored to its client’s needs and can install them on site. Its key products are hydrogen gas generators, high purity hydrogen gas purifiers, molecular hydrogen water systems & kits, hydrogen inhalation and carbonization system carbon cracking decomposition.

In particular, Hygentech Solution has sold and exported hydrogen gas generators and hydrogen gas purification systems to domestic and foreign institutions as well as companies in engineering, steel manufacturing, smelting, and mobility.

Hygentech Solution has also formed consortium partnerships for a number of renewable and hydrogen energy projects. Currently, major Korean companies such as Hyundai Steel, Hyundai Motor, KEPCO, and Iljin Steel are using its products.

Hydrogen gas generator as a major alternative energy product
HG-Series, a 21st-century alternative energy product developed after long research by Hygentech Solution, is a hydrogen gas generator that electrolyzes water to generate oxygen at the anode and hydrogen at the cathode to create a high-purity & high-temperature heat source.

As the product separates hydrogen and oxygen electrolyzed from water, safety can be sufficiently secured, and the amount of hydrogen and oxygen can be adjusted according to the purpose of use.

Therefore, it is an environmentally friendly energy product that can be applied to melting, cutting, glass processing, semiconductor field, reduction heat treatment, fuel cell, generator turbine cooling, carbonization furnace, green hydrogen, renewable energy, etc.

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