iPVC Water Pipe & PVC DWV Fittings


[INQ. NO. 2208M23] PPI PIPE Co., Ltd., established in 1976, is the No.1 PVC pipe and fittings manufacturer in Korea.

iPVC water pipe
PPI PIPE successfully developed its iPVC Water Pipe which has a 100-year lifespan. Through two years of testing by the Water Research Foundation (WRF) and American Water (AW), the No.1 utility company in the USA, iPVC Water Pipe was certified for its superior physical properties.

In addition, through two years of collaborative research with Cornell Univ., the world’s most prestigious seismic performance evaluation institution, iPVC water pipe has proven to have a seismic performance that can sustain more than 95% of all ground deformation. iPVC water pipe can supply safe water while lowering costs to water organizations and their customers respectively.

Glue Less DWV Fittings (GLF & GLS)
GLF is DWV compression fittings installed without glue. GLF solved the inconveniences of solvent cement connections, resulting in a ten-time faster installation speed. Through the locking system, there is no concern about cap loosening or leakage due to vibration after installation. By applying an EPDM elastic gasket, GLF is compatible with both ABS and PVC pipes. And GLF is easy to reposition or repair.

GLS is DWV compression fittings that reduced the flushing noise and vibration by applying double layers structure and three round pads. From 2000, GLS was exported to Japan, frequent seismic area, and has been installed at more than 1,000 sites, including Tokyo Aoyama Tower and Toyoko-inn Hotel chain.

DH pipe and fittings for high-rise building
DH pipe and fittings passed the 1 minute hydrostatic pressure test at 70 psi by applying a grab ring to prevent the pipe from falling out. DH pipe and fittings are widely used in residential and commercial high-rise buildings in Korea.

DH fitting was installed at Lotte World Tower, the fifth tallest building in the world (123F, 1,820ft). And it was also installed at Yokohama Municipal Hospital in Japan and several hotel chains including Hilton in Malaysia.

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