Automation Equipment Components

[INQ. NO. 2209M29] RS Automation Co., Ltd., launched in January 2010, is a company that specializes in automation equipment based on business experiences from Samsung Electronics and Rockwell Automation from the past 30 years.

RS Automation’s products, which has a long history and experience in factory automation equipment, are equipped with various product lineups such as PLC controllers, AC servo drives, network-based distributed I/O, touch panels, PCS, robots and robot controllers, competitive prices, and the best quality. RSA’s quality provides an optimal solution for automated machine building applications. RS Automation is committed to being your best partner for automation component solutions.

The CSD7 series is a domestic representative product made with 30-year history of technology and supports customers’ systems with smaller, more convenient, faster, and more precise performance.

The D8 series of 2-axis and 3-axis servo drives, designed based on years of experience in EtherCAT application accumulated with CSD7, minimizes the installation space in the equipment and reduces cable wiring, thereby making the equipment cost competitive.

The CSD7&D8 series provides improved basic performance and high-performance intelligent tuning, and uses a high-resolution encoder (23bit) to enable smooth motion operation, fast positioning and stable system control. Driven by design considering safety and environment, not only can this product operate 3rd party linear motors, it can drive network products and analog products in one program with more convenient and detailed RS Ware.

The X8 Series PLC is basically equipped with one Ethernet port, two RS232/485 ports, and one USB port. In addition, EtherNet/IP and Modbus/TCP, the international standard industrial networks, are built-in as the default network protocols, allowing customers to easily respond to the Ethernet-based network environment in the industry sites and configure the network between heterogeneous systems. Its two high-speed serial ports and USB ports offer easy interface with various devices and the SD card, which has been supported by advanced systems only, allows small-level PLC to provide data logging, and data backup. For scalability, it is this micro-to-small level PLC product that allows economic system expansion, supporting up to 2,560 points and 80 I/O modules. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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