Ramyon (Korean noodle) Vending Machine


[INQ. NO. 2209M30] Autochef started as a manufacturer of Ramyon (Korean noodle) and jajangmyon (noodle with black bean sauce) vending machines as a fully automatic cook and expanded into frozen food cook vending machines.

Autochef’s Ramyon vending machine is the leading automated and fully cooking Ramyon vending machine among the Ramyon vending machines on the market. You can simply press the start button and wait for 2~3 minutes, and then you can eat it once it comes out of the machine.

Upgraded for better tasting Ramyon
Now Autochef’s customers can enjoy its 2nd-generation Ramyon vending machine that has been upgraded for using AutoChef’s special designed Ramyon better tasty and stable systems. For customers’ satisfaction, all members of the company work hard to provide the best service in the domestic market and for Korean Ramyon lovers in abroad.

The vending machine is sanitary, stable, and tasty. Now many customers can use the vending machine in various places like parks, camping sites, unmanned cafés, college dormitories, highway rest sites, etc.

Autochef’s vending machine’s size is 578 width x 465 depth x 910 high (mm) that contain water storage and microwave inside and ready to cook. The Ramyon also is designed as a quadrangle type of Ramyon bowl by Autochef. And customers can easily pay with the credit card payment terminals built-in.

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