Electric Eutectic Cargo Cooler


The only Korean company with an unrivaled eutectic system
[INQ. NO. 2209M32] Jinsung Refrigerator Ind. Co., Ltd. was founded in 1991 and built a eutectic cargo cooler manufacturing plant in Poseung, Pyeongtaek, in 2010, thanks to the hard work of its staffs and their R&D efforts.

Jinsung Refrigerator Ind. manufactures all its electric eutectic cargo coolers in Korea. All of the Korean ice cream manufacturers use the company’s products. It is thus becoming recognized as an unrivaled expert company in the eutectic cargo cooler industry exporting its products worldwide.

Manufacturing the most efficient eutectic cargo coolers for electric trucks
The cargo coolers adopt the freeze-storage system (FSS) or the energy-storage system (ESS).

The eutectic method adopted by FSS was developed and commercialized 25 years ago and its durability and reliability have been proven. The lifespan of the energy storage device adopted by ESS is only seven to eight years, and it can be shortened if the system gets over-used. Also, ESS is much less economical than FSS.

The FSS-type cooler can adopt either natural or forced circulation. By adopting the different options appropriately for the product, customers can enhance the value of their merchandise.

FSS-type cooler that can freeze or refrigerate
Customers previously had to use a freezer or a refrigerator depending on the type of cargo. However, they can now use the Jinsung cooler for electric trucks which can freeze and refrigerate as necessary.

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