Wafer Prober


[INQ. NO. 2209M31] Semics Inc. is a semiconductor test equipment provider that produces fully automatic wafer probe systems (6”,8”, and 12”) integrated with its advanced technology.

Group Prober (Opera)
Opera is the only prober which is composed of real probers side-by-side and in a row. With this greatest innovation, our customers will be satisfied with the greatest performance ever expected.

Single Prober (OPUS3 Series)
OPUS series is the only prober in the market that handles 6”,8” and 12” SEMI standard wafers, without having any change kit.

It is compact, which high accuracy for consistent contact/probing and fast index time for higher throughput. There are several options including automation, and it is compatible with various tester types.

Since its establishment in 2000, ‘Simplicity & Perfection’ has been at the heart of the company’s corporate values. It drives us to continuously to grow sustainably and stay ahead with outstanding performances even under difficult market situations and changes.

Semics takes its mission seriously to nurture its corporate value and ensure each and every employee understands and joins our vision: ‘Number ONE Leader in probing market by 2025.’

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