Heat-Exchanger Components


[INQ. NO. 2209M34] K-Tech Global Corp. is a competitive company and exporter of manufacturing components for heat exchangers, which have led the way in various successful projects for enterprises worldwide.

Even though it began as a small private company in 2001, K-tech Global is today a recognized corporate legal entity, since it has consistently studied and developed its own technology. And now, by focusing on adopting advanced technology, and high-value production, it has secured both domestic and overseas shipbuilding petrochemical plants.

Components such as tube sheet, baffles, flanges, and nozzles are used for manufacturing heat exchangers used in shipbuilding and marine plants, oil & gas plants, and petrochemical plants.

A heat exchanger literally is for maximizing efficiency of exchange or delivery of heat, liquid, or gas through its holes.

Manufacturing appropriate products considering special environments and special materials
K-tech Global manufactures competitive tube sheet, baffles, girth flanges, etc., for heat exchangers, taking into consideration its specialty of differentiated materials mostly used in unusual environments like deserts.

More than 90 percent of products from K-tech Global have been exported to mostly oil producing countries such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, the USA, and Mexico.

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