Hybrid Cool Air Dehumidifying Dryer


[INQ. NO. 2209M35] COOL TOP’s hybrid cool air dehumidifying drier uses a method that dries the air at low room temperatures (17~40°C).

Unlike the common method that needs high temperatures for drying, food products can come out with better dried results in terms of nutrition, taste, scent, shape, etc.

In addition, compared with the freeze-drying method which dries products in temperatures below zero, it can save more than 80% in facility costs, and is three times better in terms of output and time needed to dry. It can also produce high-quality products with no damage to raw materials, as if they were dried in nature.

This product developed with hybrid technology is designed for users to choose either a low-temperature drying method or a high-temperature drying method, according to on their purpose of usage, utilizing a wide range of drying methods.

Moreover, this product can save energy-consumption by 50% or more compared with general hot air driers, and by 70% or more compared with the freeze-drying method.

Thanks to its leading technology that has been well received in Korea, this product is widely used by agricultural technology centers and for government-led projects.

The company’s products have been used for agricultural products, marine products, bio material products, cosmetics material products, chemical products, research products, and more. Many companies and research institutes are using our products to minimize damage to raw materials, improve quality and reduce production costs.

In addition, it is an eco-friendly product as it reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions.
The relevant technology has been jointly developed by engineering universities and state-funded research institutes after carrying out state-supported innovative technology researches, resulting in the drier system incorporating Korea’s high technologies.

COOL TOP shares patented technologies with Samsung Electronics to take the lead in the related sector.

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