Next Generation Small-Sized Multi-Purpose Cultivator

[INQ. NO. 2209M17] ASIA Technology Co., Ltd. has recently released a cultivator developed through its own technology. The small-sized multi-purpose cultivator, AMC-600M, is a product that completed its New Excellent Technology Authentication (April 2019), and patent registration (June and October, 2019).

The main features of AMC-600M include a device for detaching/attaching farming machines from/to a multi purpose cultivator, a narrow-ridge steering clutch, and an unplowed-land-removing system used for the cultivator.

Device for detaching/attaching farming machines from/to a cultivator
The AMC-600M device for detaching/attaching farming machines from/to a multi-purpose cultivator, which is the core technology of the next-generation cultivators, has dramatically improved the difficulty of removing and detaching/attaching farming machines.

Thanks to the modularized one-touch quick hitch system, a user merely needs to push the main body of the cultivator and a farming machine to the coupling location after setting the direction using the guide bar to automatically get them coupled by the alignment pin.

In addition, the one-touch coupling device is equipped with an automatic support-mounting system for anyone to easily attach a number of farming machines to the cultivator by himself/herself. And the time spent on detaching/attaching machines has been reduced by as much as 70% compared with other existing ones.

Narrow-ridge steering clutch system
The narrow-ridge steering clutch system can move along a narrow furrow and allow a user to conveniently steer the cultivator. As it is designed low-centered balanced to downwardly adjust the center of gravity, anyone is able to safely and easily operate this cultivator.

Plow-type system to prepare unplowed lands
The plow-type system to prepare unplowed lands for cultivation is able to efficiently handle unplowed land after conducting rotary works. Unlike those cultivators with fixed removing blades for unplowed lands, this system addresses the driving load issues that can arise when moving such cultivators backward to prepare unplowed lands.

“Through the completely-renewed 2nd-generation cultivator, AMC-600M, we will be advancing into the North American and Southeast Asian markets,” remarked the CEO of ASIA Technology. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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