Oil-less Bearings


[INQ. NO. 2209M18] Since its founding in 2000, SGO Co., Ltd. has been specializing in broad ranges of its proprietary manufacturing and service technologies for maximizing the performances and efficiencies of oil-less bearings used in industrial machines and molds.

SGO’s endless research and development efforts to meet customers’ needs resulted in THEDVELON, a far more improved multi-layer bearing than conventional products.

SGO’s commitment for development of next-generation products and services does not stop with a number of patents granted in Korea, Germany, and Italy. SGO will continue to be a close partner to meet customers’ needs and provide the best services.

Brass oil-less bearing
Brass oil-less bearing SGO #500 is a plain bearing with graphite plugged to base metal, brass. Fine particles of solid lubricant create lubrication film on the motion part, when friction occurs, and the bearing can achieve excellent self-lubrication and abrasion-resistance under dry lubricating conditions.
While lubrication is not applied, SGO #500 can achieve excellent performance in high-load and low-speed motion and can be used where tolerance is imprecise or working conditions are tough.

SGO has three kinds of SGO #500 as per mechanical properties, and #500 SP24 is a special high-strength brass for high-load use in construction equipment and injection molding machines. Standards parts and custom-made parts are available.

Steel-backed sintered bearing
SGO’s new brand, THEDVELON, is a steel-backed sintered bearing designed to replace conventional brass bearings. Sintered materials (1~1.2mm) including Cu, Fe, Ni, Sn, MoS2, Graphite and oil-impregnated pores are featured as a new-generation sliding bearing.

Since solid lubricant is evenly distributed on the sliding surface, THEDVELON can be used in high speed and in any motion direction with excellent wear-resistance for heavy load and low/mid velocity.

It has also price competitiveness in comparison with brass bearings due to the recent surge in raw material prices and is used in plastic / press mold guides and hydraulic press machines.

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