Asphalt Mixing Plants

[INQ. NO. 2210M12] HONGBO Co., Ltd. is a reliable company with a 25-year history of success and stability – specializing in supplying different types of construction equipment to the Russian market.

The company supplies material to enable the manufacturing of high-quality Ascon, precise systems of heating, selection and combination, completion of incidental facilities to satisfy the diversity of Ascons. It offers convenience of operation controlled in high-tech computer, dust-collection and released-gas facilities that promote companies’ pollution-free status.

With its stylish appearance with a pro-environment design, HONGBO has maximized practicality, functionality and productivity, with its facilities proven through various construction experience in road construction projects worldwide.

Movable type (100% real mobility)
All major components and mechanisms are located in a single structure. Installation and disassembly are possible without a crane, as it is fitted with its own mechanisms and devices (optional) Assembly and installation of all mechanical, electrical, and electronic devices are performed directly at the factory, including testing. Its features include: high quality and competitive price, plus fully automatic computer control system and monitors.

Complete customized design
Each case is applied with the layout designed to fit into the worksite by breaking away from the unreasonable ways of working in unilateral products.

Section for each use
Section for each use, featuring a plant concept of large-scale and high-capacity style; an equipment concept of convenient mobile style; plant required for temporary work; and performance and plant for production in special environments and special products.

Finite processing
With HONGBO’s experience in producing various, products, we laid out comprehensive and detailed procedures in advance to undertake the works in the shortest possible time, using an optimized production line.

Assembly-type structure
Most of the machinery and equipment in the plant is blocked to heighten the products’ attraction completeness to prevent quality-decline in installation and make it easy to replace the expandable goods.

After completing the production, assembly is done at the production line to reduce the error in work at the site and allow fast installation. The plant function is even more strengthened with the know-how in incidental facilities to satisfy the diversity of Ascon. For the characteristics of the plant, it recognizes sensitivity to the environment and makes steady efforts to invest in completing pro-environment production. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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