Automotive & Ship Components, Industrial Lubricants

[INQ. NO. 2210M27] Since its establishment in 1992, Dongkwang Corporation (DK) has accumulated long experience in the export and logistics sectors, which are the core of the nation’s industry.

As a trading company certified by government, it has been pursuing business with partners in Russia, the CIS, the USA, Europe, and India for 30 years. Currently, DK has business partners in dozens of countries and its business has expanded to include automotive parts, lubricants, and supply of ship parts /repair/chartering businesses.

Automotive parts
DK is a member company of the Korea Automobile Parts Association (KAPA). Parts for domestic complete vehicles and for imported cars certified by KAPA are supplied in accordance with the schedule required by customers through DK’s own storage and transportation system.

AZIN (我進) is the brand name of DK’s new automotive parts aimed at providing better choices and value to its customers.

As DK has sufficient stocks of H-series (H-63,H-64,H-264,H-73, H-273,H-373,H-374) for tanabe compressor for lubricator assy(s4-84 24-24) magnatice valve (MT-00076S), magnetic unloader, etc., the parts are available for speedy supply at any time.

Competitive genuine products such as service compressor TASK (TASK-1022-J ETC), Donghwa Group’s NEX series filter (NEX-15Ar4, Nex 22A NeX-37AB), air suction filter (A406302502), and oil filter element (A602200418) can be suppled. Various parts of European compressors (J.P Sauer & Sohn, Sperre, Deno, Hatlappa, Atlas Copco) are also available.

DK supplies maintenance parts for TECHCROSS’s ballast water treatment system, solenoid valves (HSR103PD, HSR043D, HVS043D), TSU solenoid valve (321K4506-495905B8).

Major sensors (CSU, gas detection sensor: GDS, fresh water temperature sensor: FTS) and all of the spare parts of the TRO sensor (CLX filter, CPC repair part, air pump filter & regulator:PP2-G02BDG) can be supplied.

Ship components
DK operates its ‘supply vessel’ necessary for marine construction and, carries out safety monitoring, crew / material transportation for marine construction.

DK is ENOES’ Russian exclusive distributor and MICKING’s overseas export agent.

These lubricants of ENEOS and MICKING supplied by DK are responding to customer requirements with excellent performance. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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