Automotive Stamping Dies

[INQ. NO. 2210M06] NJETECH Co. has developed expertise in the production and design of automotive stamping dies, which provides general consultation on all development tasks — while always aiming to satisfy its customers.

NJETECH pursues the best quality, through cooperation with a field-based meister and a design and manufacturing team with more than 20 years of experience — participating in various domestic and foreign projects.

Specialized automotive stamping die manufacturer
NJETECH is a specialized stamping die manufacturer that performs tasks without error while constantly improving delivery accuracy and product quality.

All processes can be handled, from preliminary tests for projects and mold manufacturing, through to work completion.

To meet the needs of customers, pre-reviews are made: prototype production; die design; completed stamping die (all tool); In-Line Try-Out — and NJETECH has the ability to dispatch development personnel, A/S, and post-management personnel.

It can be manufactured flexibly from the small 200-ton size to the large 1,000-ton line, and has a total production network of up to 2,000 tons.

NJETECH systematically controls all aspects of business management and arranges expert dispatching. Based on this expertise, development and management tasks for the entire assembly (sub-assembly) can also be performed in parallel.

It is difficult for existing manufacturers to quickly respond to die-manufacturing-related tasks such as die A/S, and post-management due to a lack of manufacturing equipment and systems. This can result in serious problems in terms of both quality and delivery. Additionally, due to the lack of professional technical personnel, problems related to product development, lead time, and quality are emerging.

Considering this fact, NJETECH has established its own manufacturing plant, and has continuously built up its manufacturing infrastructure to actively respond to customer needs, such as changes in existing markets and the expansion of the electric vehicle market.

NJETECH has accumulated exceptional trust and credibility with its customers by utilizing a wide range of manufacturing partners’ networks, as well as having a strong development process.

Based on its excellent manufacturing ability, absolute trust, and solid infrastructure, NJETECH aims to become your valued product and mold development partner. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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