Magnetic Clutch Components for Vehicle AC Compressor

[INQ. NO. 2210M07] Youngshin was established in March, 1991, manufacturing global magnetic clutch components (coil&housing ass’y, pulley with bearing ass’y, disc&hub ass’y), and is a supplier of vehicle AC compressors and control valves for steering pumps.

Youngshin exports worldwide to companies such as Mahle Global, Sanden Global, Hanon Global, Nexteer, Litens, etc. More than 80% of its sales revenue is from overseas customers, so it is specialized in exporting and working with foreign clients.

Youngshin manufacturing site is located in Korea (Daegu-Headquarters; Cheonan), China (Qingdao, Dalian-1,2); and India (Noida, Chennai). Also, it operates a warehouse in Hungary.

Recently, Youngshin has been focusing on new development of next-generation vehicles such as electric cars and hydrogen cars. For electric cars, it discusses development of counter weights, balance bushes and high-voltage coolant heaters, and EPB (electrical parking brake,). For hydrogen vehicles, it is developing fuel cell valve, for higher/lower pressure.

Electromagnetic Coil &Housing Ass’y
The electromagnetic coil & housing ass’y is fixed on the housing of the compressor, the disc & hub ass’y is connected with the main shaft of the compressor, and the belt wheel is installed on the compressor head cover through the bearing, which can rotate freely.

When the air conditioner switch is turned on, the current passes through the electromagnetic coil & housing ass’y which produces the electromagnetic suction, so that the hub & disc ass’y of the compressor is combined with the pulley & bearing ass’y, and the torque of the engine is transferred to the compressor main shaft, making the compressor main shaft rotate.

When the air conditioning switch is turned off, the suction of the electromagnetic coil & housing ass’y disappears, the hub & disc and the pulley & bearing ass’y detach under the action of the spring sheet, and the compressor stops working.

In case of coil & housing ass’y, Youngshin produces epoxy/BMC/plastic molding types with copper wire and aluminum wire.

In case of pulley & bearing ass’y, Youngshin produces forging based pulley with bearing insertion and friction linear attached pulleys.

In the case of hub & disc ass’y, Youngshin produces leaf spring, Rivet damper, and Round rubber damper type.
Most of the sub-components production is integrated in housings such as pulley machining line and stamping line for disc, and stopper plate.

Moreover, Youngshin has developed a rubber injection molding process for rubber-related components in-house too. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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