[INQ. NO. 2210M02] Keonwoo Precision Co., Ltd. has acquired a high reputation for supplying excellent-quality molds for global customers. In particular, Keonwoo Precision has been honored to be a mold maker for the Japanese, European and American automotive and electronic industries for 30 years.

Mold is a customized product made precisely according to the requirements of the customer within a limited time schedule. It also defines the aesthetical finish and functional workability of the plastic parts, as the company acknowledges most customers are also competing in today’s tough market situation.

The highest virtue deemed by Keonwoo Precision is to show the best collaboration with its customers, and to reinforce their production power with a high degree of support and assistance. This is only possible through the highest-quality and finest technology.

The management staff at corporate technical department has rich experience in handling any demands for molds. Once the customer’s project starts with the company, from the pre-study on the workability for the preliminary model, to the review on the physical tryout sample, all concerns and considerations will be focused on the customer’s successful project achievement.

Through its combination of advanced technology and 30 years’ know-how, the technical staff at Keonwoo Precision assure the high performance and productivity of its produced molds in the customers’ production facilities.

The company’s president concluded by saying, “We will provide our customers with the best support and sincere assistance under any circumstances. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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