Special Vehicle Trucks


[INQ. NO. 2210M03] Narae Industry Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of special vehicle trucks in Korea with a varied range of products in its line-up.

Currently, Narae Industry also supplies good and continuous A/S (After Service) and spare parts in accordance with the buyer’s requirements.

The Built-in-Truck delivers maximum profits by protecting goods safely from natural weather conditions such as snow, rain, wind, direct sunlight, and any external shock, and transporting them quickly.

High-strength steel plate, Styrofoam insulation, trucks made of plywood, and sturdy tailgate locks protect the load perfectly from rain, direct sunlight, external shock and theft.

Wing Body Truck
Wing Body Truck can save your time and manpower costs with both the convenience of loading and unloading as the side opens the door like a beautiful bird with its wings wide open and has a large loading space.

You can use them as moving advertisements that require no installation cost or extra space by drawing various advertisement patterns or texts directly using all-in-one panel exterior materials.

Refrigeration Truck
Narae’s Refrigeration Truck ensures maximum satisfaction and the best profit for the transportation of various refrigeration products by means of high-performance freezers with perfect freezing performance, and refrigeration trucks with excellent insulation effect and strong durability.

Powergate Truck
Use of the Powergate Truck ensures safety. In addition, cargo can be safely loaded and unloaded at a constant speed for smooth logistics.

There is no need to worry about manpower management and high wages. Significant savings in labor costs and expenses are possible. Safe handling of cargo is improved due to efficient loading and unloading, regardless of place.

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