Eco-Friendly Water Tank

[INQ. NO. 2211M23] ECOCLEAR CO., LTD. is a company producing eco-friendly GRP water tanks for drinking water only and internal/external stiffeners used in such water tanks.

GRP stands for glass fiber reinforced plastics, and it has the advantages of excellent corrosion resistance, light, and excellent thermal resistance (neither softened nor deformed even in high temperatures, nor broken or cracked even in low temperatures).

ECOCLEAR’s eco-friendly GRP water tank, differentiated from other existing water tanks, is of the panel-style assembling type, so it can be installed according to the customer’s installation environment and required capacity.

Because it is designed in a shape that can maximize stability with finite element method against deformation and stress, it demonstrates superior structural strength compared to regular circular design and can be created from at least 1000L=1X1X1mH.

For bigger capacity, storage space is expandable easily by adding a partition panel in the middle. Also, you can request a quotation for a seismic splashboard system in preparation for earthquakes.

You can choose either the heat-reserving panel or non heat-reserving panel for quotation request, and choose options of inner reinforcement or exterior reinforcement.

To request a quotation, selection of water tank size you want, heat-reserving/non heat-reserving, and internal reinforcement/external reinforcement, for speedier reply.

If you already produce panels, you can purchase steel materials only, separately. Types of steel materials include basic channels, basic subsidiary materials, connecting brackets, water gauges, corner frames, horizontal iron, external ladders, exterior stiffeners, and inner stiffeners.

The product itself is designed for easy assembling, but you can request a supervisor from Korea in case assembling after import the product is problematic for you. After passing through installation training once or twice at first, assembling on-site should not be difficult. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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