Pre-filled Syringe Filling & Closing Machine

[INQ. NO. 2211M24] HUTEM has continued to develop pre-filled syringe filling and stoppering machines for more than 10 years with a number of patents, and provide total solutions for pre-filled syringe products through R&D for mass-production, filling and the end-packaging machinery.

HUTEM’s pre-filled syringe filling machine has been developed and designed with the improvement of user convenience and expandability as the top priority. And the following steps have been taken as key tasks to address when developing the machine.

Regarding maintenance convenience for users, it should be possible to easily change parts by simply adjusting knobs without special tools.

Through hardware modifications, the filling machine has been designed for its expandability and diversity.

It has been designed to carry out sanitation on a regular basis or after conducting works by minimizing joints so as to block the inflow of foreign substances and through housing and finishing treatment structures.

CIP & SIP functions have been added for piston pumps & nozzles, tubes and reserve tanks.

Product lines have been diversified including a mass-production model that can be produced en mass, a model to be produced in small quantities, a model used for labs, etc.

The size of the mass-produced model has become more compact compared with the previous ones, and production has been expedited after introducing multi-joint robots.

“HUTEM is providing innovative solutions that can enhance value sought by customers. In particular, we are always there to support customers’ success by supplying core devices needed for pharmaceutical and bio industries and semiconductor industries, and providing technologies optimized for efficient production. We will enjoy the moment of customers’ success by providing technology for people,” emphasized the CEO. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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