Engine Oils


[INQ. NO. 2211M49] IL SHIN IND Co., Ltd. is a trading company with clients in 50 countries around the world, including the United States, the Middle East, and Africa.

Handling products include engine oil (S-OIL’s lubricants), car spare parts (brake pad and other), batteries, and accessories.

In addition, IL SHIN IND maintains active sales activities by holding more than eight booths each year at special exhibitions such as ones in Dubai, Istanbul, and Frankfurt.

S-OIL established in 1976, produces and supplies a wide range of high-performance products to run systems in an efficient and stable way and to respond to various market demands by following continuous changes and developments.

S-OIL has acquired much experience in lubricant development by supplying a wide range of products such as engine oil, and gear oil to leading automakers including Hyundai-Kia motors, GM Korea, Renault Samsung Motors, Toyota Lexus, etc. for 30 years.

Moreover, S-OIL has 44.7k B/D Lube base oil production capability – world’s no. 2, as well as 1850k TPX production capability-world no. 3, 669k B/D crude oil refinery capability-word no. 6 in 2019.

Above all, S-OIL’s principle is to “Live Together” and always think about how to serve the customers’ needs.
IL SHIN IND strongly hopes its clients will continue enjoying using S-OIL lubricants for PCMO, MTO. Marine Industrials, etc.

IL SHIN IND participates in various exhibitions every year in Dubai, Turkey, China (Shanghai), Germany (twice a year), and others such as “Automechanika”, AAPEX, and other exhibitions, in order to explore the latest trends and promote its handling products.

For existing customers in Vietnam and Iraq, IL SHIN IND puts out advertisements on radio and cable TV broadcasts, supports local sales representatives with signboard set-up costs, and holds promotion events with customers.

IL SHIN IND continues to improve on any inconveniences and to maintain communication by visiting and having meetings with customers at least once a year through more than 40 overseas trips every year.

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