Precision Electronic Part Raw Materials

Representative Product of Ferrite Stainless Steel (STS430)
[INQ. NO. 2211M48] Out of the entire 400 series, STS430, which is a typical ferrite stainless steel product, is especially outstanding in terms of corrosion and heat resistance and has low thermal expansion and deformation, making it easy for welding processing.

STS430 is inexpensive as it does not contain nickel while having excellent formability, oxidation resistance and magnetic properties.

STS430 is used for washing machine drum parts, gas stove tops, etc. As prices for raw materials are skyrocketing, STC430 is emerging as a solution to many sectors that urgently need alternative materials for cost reduction.

High-Performance Copper Alloy (C7025)
C7025 is one of the Corson alloys, which is reformed by adding Mg to Cu-Ni-Si, which is a super-strong, precipitation-hardened copper alloy.

C7025 has established a sound foundation as an actual standard for interconnection businesses including lead frames and connectors ever since it first entered the electronics industry.

High-Performance Copper Alloy (C7035)
Thanks to its outstanding intensity and conductivity, the alloy of C7025 is widely used for manufacturing conductor parts and lead frame materials.

However, C7035 boasts higher intensity, conductivity, and more appropriate stress-relaxation. The quality of materials used to make lead frames and component conductors can be decided by their elastic limits and stretched stability. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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