Portable Automatic Beekeeping Equipment


[INQ. NO. 2211M41] DAESUNG Co., Ltd., which produces portable automatic beekeeping machines, has released a number of products that convert traditional beekeeping work that was done manually into a modernized way, helping anyone enjoy smart beekeeping.

The wasp detector and the small-sized door opener are special technologies of Daesung’s Smart Hive. When the wasp detector detects external invasion by wasps, the small-sized door opener shuts down the door. As such, it is equipped with outstanding functions.

Wasp detector
The wasp detector senses wasps approaching the hive and sends alarms to smartphones, tablet PCs and other terminals. It is able to detect and trace a number of wasps at the same time. It is able to detect wasps within a three-meter radius of the place where it is installed.

Small-sized door opener
The small-sized door opener can automatically open and close the entrance of the hive after checking the temperature and humidity in real time. As it is able to control a number of hives at once, or each of them individually, it can be applied to various beekeeping environments.

As the door opener operates up and down, it can be used without interrupting other hives in the vicinity. In addition, it can reduce the burden of checking and taking care of each of the hives when moving, or in winter. This product can ease the workload of labor-intensive beekeepers.

Automatic bee escape
The automatic bee escape is a portable beekeeping robot that is able to take the honeycomb out of the hive and safely shake bees off the hive and has an external loading function. It is made of light materials to dramatically reduce the weight for one to conveniently use outdoors.

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