Carbon Composite Material Parts

[INQ. NO. 2211M42] Established in 2001, DACC Carbon, a spin-off from KAI (Korea Aerospace Industries), has been the only Korean company that focuses on carbon composite material parts, and specializes in the carbon composite field.

DACC Carbon has been developing various ultra-high temperature carbon composite products and participating in Korean government projects.

Based on its professional knowledge of carbon material, DACC Carbon delivers total solutions for carbon composite materials and related technologies like design, analysis, manufacturing, test and evaluation.

Carbon-carbon brake disc for aircraft
DACC Carbon completed the localization development of the F-16 Block 32 carbon-carbon brake disc in 1998 and has been exclusively supplying it to the Republic of Korea Air Force since 1999. It thoroughly verified product performance and durability and secured reliability in the course of operating for over 20 years until today.

After localization development of F-16 Block 32, they developed F-16 Block52 carbon-carbon brake disc and are supplying it to the Republic of Korea Air Force along with Block 32. They are now proceeding with exports to overseas air forces.

They are developing and supplying discs for many aircraft, such as the T-50 of Korea Aerospace Industries, Ltd., and civil business jets, besides the F-16. Now, they are participating in the overseas transport plane, trainer aircraft, and fighter plane carbon disc development project.

Carbon-ceramic brake disc for high-performance vehicles
DACC Carbon, based on aircraft carbon brake disc manufacturing technology, completed the development of carbon-ceramic brake discs for high-performance vehicles in 2007 for the second time in the world and entered the market.

Compared to existing cast iron brake discs, the carbon-ceramic brake disc has better durability, wear resistance, heat resistance, and lightness, so it has about four times longer life. It also displays stable brake performance without brake fade even at high temperatures.

This high-quality, high-performance carbon-ceramic brake disc is mainly applied to vehicles prioritizing brake performance, such as racing cars and supercars. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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