Portable Shipping Scale


[INQ. NO. 2211M36] SAEROM has been developing, manufacturing, selling and maintaining industrial scales and application systems since 2005, and continues to expand its business, gaining deep trust from over 100 distributors and numerous other customers.

SAEROM’s portable shipping scale is an innovative working tool that combines a weighing scale and a moving truck to reduce repeated working hours and workers’ fatigue. Accordingly, it improves productivity and protects the health and safety of workers.

SAEROM’s portable shipping scale exceeds the degree of precision of regular fixed scales in terms of quality. It is highly excellent in the degree of precision and function of a scale itself.

Pointing out a few examples of a function and an application that can be used in mobile and wireless communications. It can be directly connected from a computer and over a wire, making data management simple. This function is rare on industrial scales.

The battery has excellent functions as well. It is charged quickly and can be used for a long time (340 hours) on a single charge. This specification is not easy to find in other scales using batteries. It is light and strong as a solid body is designed optimally.

Showing a scale’s measuring of accurate weight on the floor of a work space under unfavorable conditions
One of the best advantages of SAEROM’s portable shipping scale is that it weighs accurately even on an uneven floor of a working space. Therefore, it can be used anywhere weighing is required and transportation is also available immediately after weighing.

The company’s president remarked, “We offer our customers convenient, accurate and robust weighing scales and systems. We will continuously provide only the best solutions and services for various industries, including chemicals, food, hospitality, and logistics.”

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