Processed Metal Products

[INQ. NO. 2211M35] DAEILCFT Co., Ltd., founded in 1978, is currently producing a wide range of processed metal products and is always aiming at making these products first-class.

The processed metal products that DAEILCFT presently manufactures include horn parts, seat parts, door parts, engine parts, hob bolts, and electronic vehicle parts.

Horn parts
DAEILCFT produces at least 20,000,000 horn shafts a year. These products are now being applied to car models by Hyundai, Kia, and Renault-Samsung.

Seat parts
DAEILCFT is currently supplying a total of approximately 130 parts for cold forging for seat mechanism parts of five car models. This company satisfies customer requirements perfectly, based on 40 years of know-how.

Door parts
DAEILCFT is producing all types of door shafts, including door latches, door locks, and hood strikers, for a total of 10 mass-produced car models. These products are now applied to cars by Hyundai, Kia, GM, and Ford stationed around the world.

Engine parts
DAEILCFT is mass-manufacturing oil plug bolts on engines and bolts coupled with dust-protective rubber in engine rooms. They are also mass-manufacturing bosses of engine pulleys for a total of six car models.

Hub bolts
DAILCFT produces and supplies fasteners for various cars. They have been approved as a verified quality guarantee company, especially as they started mass-manufacturing hub bolts, an important part directly connected to life and safety.

Electronic vehicle parts
DAEILCFT is developing and mass-applying various items, including small bolts, nuts, battery tubes, and bushes, in response to customer needs for electric vehicle parts in line with the changing times. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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