Slow Charger

[INQ. NO. 2211M43] Starkoff’s new slow charger, ChargePro®, that charges smart EVs has been developed for charging businesses.

ChargePro® has convenient and rational charging functions, and is compact in size, requiring the minimum TOC from service operators, such as installation, maintenance, and capacity expansion costs.

ChargePro®, a slow charger to provide various options
It is made according to HSM specifications required by major finished OEM vehicles, and its feature is that it is compatible with normal AC chargers (cable SAE J1772).
ChargePro® provides various options to be selected by EV charger users depending on their needs, by enabling two cables to be connected to one charger at the same time, if desired, and supporting a speed of up to 50A.

Real-time monitoring for safe charging
For safe charging, data on the charger’s temperature, current and voltage is collected and recorded remotely in real time for 24 hours through 365 days.

The operating system (Star_CSMS®) is also based on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to support the charging infrastructure standard operation protocol of OCPP, making it possible to look up and operate chargers around the world in real time.

The built-in meter that measures the electric power used guarantees Class-1 degree measurement performance.
And, the charger also provides a two-way measuring function to replace V2G.

Moreover, it is manufactured by using recycled PVC and aluminum and helps preserve the environment by keeping the standby power under 3W, thus contributing to carbon neutrality in the era of converting to electric energy.

It recognizes a user’s approach thanks to the infrared TOF sensor and provides voice information on the use instructions and on-site events. It also authenticates and manages membership through RFID card tagging and QR scanning. Flexible payment as per each site is also possible.

And, is provides a roaming function by connecting with Star_CSMS®, a cloud management system. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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