Ultrasonic-based EV Battery Diagnostic Kit


[INQ. NO. 2211M47] CammSys. Corp., which was founded in 1993, advanced into the mobile phone camera module business in 2003. The company is now supplying more than 100 million products through its overseas production base in Vietnam on a yearly basis, leading the camera module sector.

Not being complacent with its present position as a market leader, CammSys continues to actively research, develop and invest in order to dominate the future market.

The recently released ultrasonic battery diagnostic kit has been developed through the company’s source technologies related to ultrasound, and is able to accurately detect changes in the physical state inside a battery.

Ultrasonic Battery Diagnosis to Enhance Battery Safety
As the ultrasonic diagnosis obtains data through vibration signals, it has higher accuracy than the existing method that assesses the calculated value through an external terminal. It can also check some issues such as battery life, defects, etc., in advance through the accumulated data, greatly helping improve battery safety.

CammSys has secured technology protection and reliability by applying for two patents on technologies used for the diagnosis kit. In particular, if the technology is developed to the extent that the battery diagnosis kit can be easily installed in a finished vehicle to check the battery, it is quite possible to cooperate not only with EV battery producers but also with a number of EV companies including CEVO Mobility, a subsidiary of the company in the EV sector.

The CEO of CammSys explained, “As for the development of the diagnostic kit, it is very meaningful that our own ultrasonic source technology has been newly applied to the battery sector which is the core of the 4th Industrial Revolution. In fact, we have actually supplied a diagnostic kit prototype for a top-notch local battery producer.”

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