Functional Eco-friendly Finishing Materials

[INQ. NO. 2211M51] Protect your health and that of your family with INECO, a company that puts people and nature first. INECO Inc., founded in 2014, is developing and producing functional eco-friendly construction materials.

INECO cultivated its professionalism through independent source technology development, based on five related patent applications and registrations.

INECO’s representative products are IECO blocks, IECO art/photo blocks, and a children’s specialized brand under the brand name KINECO. INECO’s classy and sensuous design of products adds beauty to a safe environment.

INECO’s IECO block and KINECO block are functional eco-friendly building finishing materials that improve the harmful environment of our living spaces. As an excellent building material that makes our space healthy and beautiful with simple construction, it is a safe 100% non-chemical product that uses only natural materials.

IECO block and KINECO block performs humidity control, purification of harmful substances, and odor removal without the need for external power. Applying essence can perform additional convenience functions such as stress relief, enhancing immunity, and act as an insect repellent against mosquitoes, thus creating a pleasant indoor environment.

IECO block and KINECO block are not only useful, but also safe. It has secured the safety of radioactive substances such as radon, and has acquired the highest certification grade on non-combustible material (CE: A1). Recognized for its aesthetics, all products of INECO were selected for GD (Good Design) in 2021. IECO block and KINECO block is an indoor-finishing material that makes our living space healthier and more beautiful through its various designs, colors and functionality.

Since fragments do not scatter in the event of damage to the product, secondary damage cause by fragments can be suppressed. IECO block and KINECO block are DIY products that can be easily trimmed without any special tools. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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