Polyester Polyol from Waste PU Foam


[INQ. NO. 2211M52] Sehotech, founded in 1986, specializes in the manufacturing of fine chemical products based on polyurethane. It provides customized solutions to customers with a diverse range of products.

Sehotech’s recycled polyester polyol is a product made of recycled raw materials to replace existing polyester polyol.

PU is a material used in a wide variety of applications, including furniture, automotive interior materials, refrigerators, and LNG and LPG ship insulation.

However, it has a large volume but a small mass, so it is economically infeasible when collected. It is also difficult to recycle because it emits greenhouse gasses when discarded after a special incineration treatment.

Polyester Polyol to reduce carbon generation
However, recycled Polyester Polyol from Sehotech is re-made after breaking down and processing waste foam in an effort to reduce carbon generation in line with ESG management. Unlike similar technologies being developed in some European countries, it is very well mixed with the existing polyol, easy to handle and has excellent properties without shaking when applying the PU.

In particular, Polyester Polyol obtained from waste foam is a product keeping pace with the international shift toward carbon neutrality, by significantly reducing not only waste but also greenhouse gas emissions by making the same quality PU as the existing ones.

The CEO of the company emphasized that “our company’s polyurethane is a fine chemical product most commonly used in real life in the world. Among them, polyurethane foam is used in various industrial areas, such as car accessories, construction products, etc. We will do our best to make our customers’ finished products be the finest on the market.”

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