PE Tarpaulin

[INQ. NO. 2211M53] J&P Co., Ltd., a PE tarpaulin manufacturer, built its first factory in Korea in 1998, and its second factory in Hanoi, Vietnam, in 2019.

Starting with receiving the 20 million export tower award in 2011, J&P is now exporting its products to countries around the world including America, Europe, and Asia, worth around US$30 million.

Possible to produce of all types of PE tarpaulins
J&P can produce all types of PE tarpaulin, including general PE tarpaulin (roll type and ready-made type), leno tarpaulin, roofing tarpaulin, pool covers, etc.

Regarding the weight, J&P is manufacturing PE tarpaulin between 50 GS and 350 GS. Regarding the roll width, they are manufacturing PE tarpaulin between 1.5 and 2.5 meters for each roll type.

For the size, J&P is manufacturing mainly 2X3m and 3X4m tarpaulins. Both sizes are useful for ready-made types. It can manufacture tarpaulin in any color. It is basically complying with UV and FR treatments in the manufacturing process.

J&P has been continuing to invest a lot in the mechanical equipment area to maintain and improve its quality. In particular, they are constantly trying for the best quality using made-in-Korea production facilities and Korean base materials also in the 2nd factory in Vietnam.

J&P is currently exporting a lot to America, Europe, South America, and Southeast Asia and receiving a good reputation for their products from buyers all over the world.

The CEO remarked, “We will do our best to satisfy the demands from various customers by providing high-quality products at reasonable prices.” | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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