Freezing & Refrigerating Showcases

[INQ. NO. 2303M04] SEKWANG C&H LTD., as a company specialized in manufacturing freezer & refrigerator showcases, has been supplying its products to local ice cream producers, food companies, and others for the past 30 years under the slogan of ‘simple and beautiful exterior and high-quality delivery.’
Many of its products are easily seen at large-sized marts, department stores, supermarkets, coffee shops, and so forth. SEKWANG C&H is currently leading the industry and is winning trust in terms of design and quality through deals with large-sized companies for many years.
It possesses unsurpassed technical prowess even compared with that of large-sized companies.

Moreover, its status has grown to the extent that it could advance into overseas markets. Freezing & refrigerating showcases manufactured by SEKWANG C&H have att ractive, luxurious, and creative designs enough to easily motivate customers to purchase. Furthermore, their internal spaces are designed to effi ciently keep and display more products.
In addition, they have low fraction defects and are reliable enough for customers to use as their main components (compressors, thermostats, etc.) are from renowned foreign companies.

SEKWANG C&H has established A/S centers nationwide to address customers’ complaints anywhere 24 hours per day and to maintain trust with its customers. By estimating the market and fi nding out customers’ needs, SEKWANG C&H developing and selling new products.
And, it is also planning to win the hearts of customers and to lead the future as an all-round maker related
to freezer & refrigerator showcases by continuing to carry out researches and technical development. Introducing Selected Exporters SEKWANG C&H will continue striving for a bett er future by continuing to achieve customer satisfaction. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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