Ultra-compact Electric Vehicle



[INQ. NO. 2303M05] CEVO Mobility Corp. was spun-off in April 2021
from CAMMSYS to strengthen its EV expertise and independence.
The two-seater CEVO-C, which was first launched in 2019, achieved the top spot in the domestic ultra-small electric vehicle market in 2020 and 2021, respectively, for its design and convenience.
CEVO Mobility’s CEVO-C SE is the latest model that adopts a Korean-made lithium-ion battery, displaying its improved capability in terms of safety, economics, and mileage. CEVO-C is the first ultra-compact electric vehicle developed in Korea. This model is suitable for shopping, small delivery, and commuting.
CEVO-C SE is a two-seater ultra-compact electric car that showcases its unique presence in the city with a unique profile, and two-tone application of four vivid colors and white two-tone.

Ultra-compact electric vehicle that emphasizes stylish fashion CEVO-C SE places emphasis on sophisticated
fashion in its sophisticated appearance.

LED turn signal lamp and rear combination lamp – in line with its compact size. This model is designed in consideration of practicality and convenience by offering a broad loading space in its trunk. It has convenience features such as power windows, air conditioner, and electric door locks.

CEVO-C SE has the best safety specifications in its class by applying boosters and disk brakes based on
the space frame structure. This model can also be charged at a 220V outlet, together with a slow
charging method. There are four colors applied to this model: fashion red, midnight blue, aqua blue
and lime-green. CEVO Mobility is also actively developing a car-sharing business for short-distance travel, and
plans to target domestic and overseas markets by adding lineups such as four-person passenger and light trucks.


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