Hydraulic Cylinders & Valves



[INQ. NO. 2303M11] The hydraulic cylinder of Hipower Hydraulic Co., Ltd. can be applied to a wide range of uses such as machine tools, general industrial machines, agricultural machines, etc.
With SRB 303000 inner tube polishing, Hipower Hydraulic Co., Ltd. manufactures cylinders with enhanced airtightness and roughness. By acquiring a patent for the hybrid main drive cylinder, its durability can be completely verified. As an ISO 9001-certified company, Hipower Hydraulic provides cylinders meeting official standards.
In addition, as a made-to-order type, the company can manufacture the products in accordance with customers’ requests starting from the cylinder design. Therefore, the company can provide hydraulic cylinders suitable for the field environment, featuring high safety and work efficiency.
Hipower Hydraulic is committed to providing optimal hydraulic cylinders based on its hydraulic know-how
accumulated over 28 years

Hydraulic Control Valves and Level Meters
This product enables the set flow rate to be adjusted regardless of the change of pressure and temperature. It is used for controlling both the flow rate of the hydraulic circuit and the precise speed of the actuator.
The product with embedded check valve is capable of control flow and free reverse flow. It can safely control the flow rate. Hipower Hydraulic was granted a patent for the poppet valve and currently has many domestic and foreign customers.
Also, the company produces hydraulic valves, oil-level meter that shows the amount of oil, solenoid valves, switches, and other hydraulic components by OEM & ODM. It can supply products that meet customer’s requirements such as pressure setting and valve material, and fully customized hydraulic services are
available. Hipower Hydraulic plans to become a business partner growing together with
customers through continuous development, both of new products, and as a company with customer value as the top priority.


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