Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Equipment



[INQ. NO. 2303M12] The entry-level hyperbaric oxygen therapy equipment introduced by Interocean Co., Ltd. is a high-performance oxygen therapy product that utilizes both the air pressure method and pure oxygen inhalation as a product that uses a breathing mask and a treatment
pressure of 2ATA or higher. In other words, it is an innovative product that eliminates the risk factors of oxygen pressurization and maximizes the high-pressure treatment effect.

A spokesperson from the company explained, “If the pressure is increased with oxygen, there is a risk of fire, and
hyperbaric oxygen therapy equipment should be used as an air pressurization method since the respiratory gas is not 100% oxygen in order to prevent the effectiveness of the treatment from decreasing. We are very pleased to
introduce an air pressurized entry-level chamber through utilizing our accumulated technology.”
The high-pressure oxygen therapy device shows a large difference in treatment effect depending on the pressure
applied inside the device. The medical hyperbaric oxygen therapy device mainly used in hospitals exerts the
treatment pressure of 3 to 6 ATA by the air pressurization method, and uses the method of inhaling pure oxygen
through a breathing mask.

However, the majority of household oxygen chambers have a remarkably low breathing oxygen concentration by
adding pressure of 1.3 to 1.5 ATA with oxygen and inhaling the oxygen supplied inside the chamber without a mask. Since Interocean developed and supplied multi-person hyperbaric oxygen therapy equipment for the first time in Korea in 2013, it has achieved various sales records in large general hospitals, the Navy, and the Coast Guard. In 2022, it also ranked first in the market share of multi-person hyperbaric oxygen therapy equipment

Multi-person hyperbaric oxygen therapy equipment
Interocean developed multi-person hyperbaric oxygen therapy equipment for the first time in Korea, and is the
leading company in the domestic hyperbaric oxygen therapy equipment market. It directly performs production,
installation, and AS with its own technology. Moreover, it is the only local company to operate a research center for hyperbaric oxygen chambers, in a large-sized manufacturing factory.

Interocean plans to release low-cost hyperbaric oxygen therapy equipment in the future, and supply customized
hyperbaric oxygen therapy equipment tailored to the needs of each hospital.

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