Seoul Mobility Show 2023 Opens Special Pavilionfor Air Mobility


The Seoul Mobility Show 2023 will showcase ‘mobility with wings’ in partnership with the Institute for Aerospace Industry-Academia Collaboration. The Seoul Mobility Show Organizing Committee recently
announced that it will operate a special pavilion for air mobility at the Seoul Mobility Show, which opens on March 31.
The special pavilion for air mobility is promoted in collaboration with the organizing committee and the Institute for Aerospace Industry-Academia Collaboration. In the exhibition, a total of five organizations and companies including h3r, MBC, VSPACE are scheduled to display advanced products such as batteries, high-precision GPS terminals, urban air mobility (UAM), etc.
The Institute for Aerospace Industry-Academia Collaboration plans to introduce its own UAM demonstration
platform construction project and promote the 2023 K-UAM Confex exhibition to be held in Incheon in
November this year.
VSPACE, a company specializing in manufacturing urban air transportation, will exhibit V-SPEETTER, a
vertical take-off and landing PAV based on an innovative electronic propulsion system, at this exhibition. It will
also unveil ‘V-Power Lifepo4 battery,’ a functionally mixed product comprising a battery-voltage stabilizer,
AGM lead-acid battery, and black box auxiliary battery.

h3r, a future mobility production start-up, plans to exhibit secondary batteries and personal mobile devices
(PM) that can be used for future mobility, AAM parts such as electric propulsion systems and energy storage
systems, and high-power and high-efficiency batteries in the e-mobility field. In particular, h3r’s AAM electric
propulsion system is characterized by high power density and high stability.
MBC, based on its know-how in broadcasting technology and IT services, will introduce the GPS receiver
‘SMC-2000’ with ultra-precision positioning technology ‘RTK (Real Time Kinematic)’ that narrows the error-
level of GPS to the centimeter unit. The receiver, which has been applied to more than 150 drones, is evaluated
as a highly competitive product compared to overseas products in terms of ease of use, performance, and price.
In addition, FIBERPRO, which specializes in optical measurement and optical sensor solutions, plans to
exhibit its Fiber Optic Gyroscope (FOG), and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), which are essential parts for
autonomous driving systems and UAM. Among them, an inertial measurement unit is a device for measuring
the speed, direction, gravity, and acceleration of a moving object, and is widely used in the fields of flying
objects, ships, robots, and ICT, including aircraft.
A spokesperson for the Seoul Mobility Show Organizing Committee remarked, “We prepared this joint
pavilion to show future mobility that is evolving and developing in various forms such as electric vehicles,
self-driving vehicles, and personal mobility vehicles, as well as UAM and PAV. It is very meaningful in that it
showcases a wide range of mobility beyond the spatial limitations of land, sea and air through unveiling air
mobility products and related technologies.” | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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