Medical Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers

[INQ. NO. 2304M01] IBEX MEDICAL SYSTEMS Co., Ltd., which has
introduced a variety of products with medical hyperbaric oxygen chambers as its main business field, has recently expanded its business scope to the home & healthcare sector. Its products are being actively exported to the Asian market, and thus showing continuous growth every year.
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is used as auxiliary therapy for diabetes, burns, sudden deafness, chronic wounds, improvement of brain cognitive ability, sports rehabilitation, improvement of blood circulation, and immunotherapy of cancer patients.
In particular, cases have recently been increasing of hyperbaric oxygen therapy being used to help cancer patients and prevent resistance to various treatments, as well as to suppress metastasis and recurrence are increasing;
and there is growing demand to receive hyperbaric oxygen therapy comfortably at home. In addition, as various research

results have been announced showing that hyperbaric oxygen therapy improves the cognitive function of healthy adults or the elderly and reduces senescent cells, the demand for it to be used for steady health management purposes is also significantly increasing.
IBEX AVIV was designed with white and ivory tone color design for the interior and exterior to become an interior feature in general homes.
IBEX’s home hyperbaric oxygen chamber is designed based on its own medical chamber manufacturing and development technology, and provides convenience and comfort
for continuous health care and rehabilitation for patients with cancer and vascular diseases as well as those who want to help recover their cognitive abilities.

A spokesperson for IBEX explained, “The background to the development of IBEX AVIV has been an increase in demand for more convenient hyperbaric oxygen treatment at home. Our hyperbaric oxygen chamber is a home & healthcare product for many customers who are seeking healthy aging and continuous healthcare in the aging era.” | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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