Automatic Checkweigher


[INQ. NO. 2304M10] Fine Mechatronics Co., Ltd. since its establishment in 1989, with excellent technology and field experience, has the largest domestic market share in the domestic weighing and measurement automation field — especially in the checkweigher, metal detector, and indicator field — and is loved by consumers and dealers based on excellent follow-up management.
Fine Mechatronics is constantly developing and releasing high-speed, high-precision indicators and checkweighers.
The quality of such products is expected to satisfy dealers with convenient maintenance and management capabilities, meeting higher demand from consumers.
Fine Mechatronics’ automatic checkweigher adopts 10 inches 16.7M color TFT LCD (resolution: 1024×600), featuring convenient touchscreen type, and different screen display and graphic display methods.

The convenient functions it offers are: built-in data double back up function in case of blackout; calibration and SPAN auto calibration function; auto zero tacking function; weight-setting value storage and recall functions for each item (99 items); USB memory storage and update; and automatic control function of the
operating time of sorter according to speed change.
The attached road cell and balance sensor are used to manufacture at different speeds (from low to high). All controls are possible on the auxiliary screen when the touch screen is defective.
The president of the company gave the assurance, “We will become a reliable business partner for everyone as well as consumers in accordance with domestic and foreign standards that aim for high quality, high precision and high speed at reasonable prices through technical know-how and cost reduction based on more than 30 years of field experience. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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