Double Wall Paper Cup Forming Machines

[INQ. NO. 2304M09] As one of the leading manufacturers and exporters in the paper cup machine field in Korea, since 1985, Future Pack Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing various kinds of packaging-related machinery such as paper cup machines, handle cup machines, paper cup sleeve (two-layer coffee, cotton & plastic cup) machines, blank punching machines, printing & punching machines, blank offset printing machines, paper plate (tray) machines, and food packaging box machines.
Future Pack has so far exported more than 900 types of forming machines to customers around the world, and thus emerged as a
leader in this industry in Korea.

Two types of double wall forming machines
The double wall forming machine (double cup machine) is a machine that produces double cups by adding one layer of paper to the outer surface of ordinary paper cups.
Future Pack’s double wall forming machines come in two types, according to the cup size: FPP-275A, which produces small cups from 8oz to 16oz; and FPP-275C, which produces large cups from 18oz to 32oz. The two machines have almost the same specifications, but there is a difference in the speed of paper cup production. The FPP-275A produces up to 55 per minute, while the FPP-275C produces up to 50 per minute.
Above all, the biggest advantage of double wall forming machines is that it can produce double cups using not only 1PE (polyethylene coated on one side), and 2PE (polyethylene coated on both sides) paper, but also PLA or water-based, plastic-free coating. Moreover, it is an environmentally friendly product that helps solve recycling-related issues. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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