Vacuum Skin Packaging Machines

[INQ. NO. 2304M08] Established in 1999, PACKSIS Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of disposable food container packaging machines.
From the MA1, the most sold manual-packaging machine model in Korea, to the vacuum skin packaging machine model 400K, it has been steadily researching and developing new products.
Vacuum skin packaging machines manufactured by PACKSIS have reasonable prices and convenient specifications. In particular, the two representative models – 400K and 500K – do not require installation of a compressor, thereby maximizing space efficiency and user convenience.

Compact automatic model (400K)
The 400K is a compact automatic model with a size of a standard water purifier and is good for use in stores such as butcher shops. As the power is single-phase, it can be used immediately by plugging the cord into the outlet, and in particular, it does not require installation of a compressor, so consumers can use it conveniently.
Mass-production possible model (500K)
The 500K has a similar size to normal refrigerators, so it does not take up much space. Compared to the 400, which can only be used with one container tray, it can be used with two container trays, thus enabling mass production. It adopts a rotary method that works manually, and like the 400K, there is no need to install a compressor, which enhances consumer convenience.

Image sensor weighing packaging machine (400W)
The 400W is an image sensor weighing packaging machine that automatically weighs and enables the automatic printing of label stickers by automatically recognizing the contents of the package. Thereafter, the packaging worker attaches the sticker to the container to complete the process.
There are also two competitive models – the 600K, and the 650K. Suitable for food factories, the 600K is a mid sized model, ensuring cheaper prices than products of other companies. The 650K is a rotary-type larger model that enables mass-production, thus ensuring lower prices than products of other companies. The president of the company remarked, “We will continue to develop technology and become a company that satisfies our customers.” | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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