FOEX Trade Center Emerging as a Leader in a NewConcept of Trade Methods

Acting as a bridge between state agencies and businesses
Creation of the world’s first semi-public private enterprise
FOEX Trade Center was established in 2017 with the awareness of the need for a company to create a business in the middle ground between state institutions and companies amid intensifying competitions within each group in modern times.
FOEX Trade Center is creating business between government agencies and companies by proposing mutual trade, cultural and sports exchanges, and educational exchanges through import and export consultations — to government agencies, public institutions, and state-owned companies located in China.

Promotion of a new concept trade market in the FTA era
Kim Seung-su, chairman of FOEX Trade Center, invented a new term called Trade Direct Dealing (TDD), a new concept trade method that transforms individual marketing into integrated marketing for small and medium-sized manufacturers.

Chairman Kim explained, “The FOEX Trade Center will gradually expand its business scope into global supply chains as the first step in September this year through the role of the purchasing agency by exhibiting samples such as building materials, furniture, etc. – in collaboration with the city of Fuoshan, China. The Republic of Korea has the largest economic territory in the world with FTAs in place with 59 countries around the world, including Indonesia, which was added from January 2, 2023, and it is thus necessary to attract foreign capital based on this.”

Building of the world’s first offline export/import
network for industrial goods The chairman added, “In the concept of a trade market, the operation of a permanent trade center that enables regular buyer matching and import/ export consultations is important, rather than just
being limited to an event-type trade fair.”
FOEX Trade Center plans to build a global supply chain centered on purchasing agency in Saemangeum by linking up small and medium-sized manufacturing companies in the world with integrated marketing, which is weak in marketing, through utilizing offline platforms such as O2O, B2B, and B2B2C for industrial goods, which are impossible for export and import in B2B in Alibaba and B2B2C in Amazon.

Promotion of MCN Special Economic Zone in
He suggested the socalled Saemangeum MCN Special Economic Zone for the establishment of a strategic export and import base for young people’s entrepreneurship and employment while first using the term Multi Channel Network (MCN) in the 2022 presidential election pledge proposal, and thus to create a youth digital economic city in Saemangeum. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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