EcoPro Building Secondary Battery Plant inHungary

EcoPro will build a production plant in Europe for the first time as a domestic secondary battery cathode material company.
EcoPro recently announced that it held a groundbreaking ceremony for the ‘Global Hungary Business Site’ in Debrecen, Hungary.
The groundbreaking ceremony was held with around 100 people in attendance, including Chairman Lee Dong-chae of EcoPro, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary SziiJarto Peter, Korea’s Ambassador
to Hungary Hong Kyu-duk, and Debrecen Mayor Papp Laszlo.
EcoPro is aiming for mass-production in 2025 after completion in 2024 by investing a total project cost of about KRW 382.7 billion in a local plant in Hungary with a total area of 440,282m2


When the construction of the local plant in Hungary is completed, EcoPro will have an annual production capacity of 108,000 tons of secondary battery cathode materials. This is an amount that can supply about 1.35 million electric vehicles per year.
EcoPro expects that the establishment of a local production plant in Hungary will serve as a bridgehead for securing orders in the European finished vehicle market, which is considered a new market.
Previously, EcoPro succeeded in establishing the world’s first secondary battery industrial ecosystem called the ‘Closed Loop Eco-System’ at the eco-battery Pohang Campus in Yeongilman Industrial Complex, Pohang, and is producing high-performance high-nickel cathode materials.
EcoPro plans to apply the successful cases of Pohang to the overseas business sites to the fullest and strive to build the second and third eco-battery Pohang campuses.
A spokesperson for EcoPro remarked, “The groundbreaking ceremony for the Hungarian plant is a meaningful occasion for us to announce our entry into the global market. We plan to make various efforts, such as technology development and production plant expansion, to raise the status of K-Battery in the future.” | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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