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[INQ. NO. 2305E25] SALFREE is an all-in-one versatile exercise device developed by SYNCARE-mail: This compact device combines the functionality of 11 exercise and rehabilitation machines, enabling users to perform hundreds of exercises with ease. Lightweight and easy to store, SALFREE is designed for users of all ages, from children to seniors.
This product features adjustable handle height, ensuring that it is accessible to people of all heights. SALFREE operates silently without any power source, vibrations, or noise, thus ensuring a safe workout experience. Users can exercise using various intensities, leveraging zero gravity, partial gravity, and self-weight resistance.

SALFREE allows for a range of exercises in lying, standing, and sitt ing positions, keeping workouts engaging and enjoyable. With adjustable intensity levers on both sides, each individual can tailor their workout to their needs, making it suitable for the entire family. The bott om of the device is fi nished with non-slip silicone, thereby
eliminating the need for a separate exercise mat and reducing nois concerns between fl oors.
Founded in 2008, CRMEDI has secured various patents, certifi cations and awards, including the German iENA certifi cation, and the Asia LOHAS award. CRMEDI specializes in manufacturing and selling all-in-one functional recovery exercise devices based on sports medicine, promoting non-pharmacological, non-surgicalphysical recovery methods.


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