Explore Yeonnam-dong, Gen Y&Z’sPlayground!


Yeonnam-dong is currently the hippest neighborhood in Seoul. The unique
blend of modern trends and old-fashioned retro mood continues to attract
Millennials and Gen Z alike. The Gyeongui Line Forest Park founded along the closed railroad tracks lead to alleyways that have cafés, restaurants, workshops, and select shops that are like hidden gems.
To explore Yeonnam-dong, start from Hongik University Station (Seoul
Subway Line 2, Gyeongui Jungang Line, Airport Railroad), Exit 6. Once you
exit from the subway station, you’ll be greeted by Gyeongui Line Book Street. After looking around the book-themed street formed along the closed railroad tracks, turn back in the direction of Hongik University Station and follow the main street of Gyeongui Line Forest Park.

Recommended Spots
Musinsa Terrace
Musinsa Terrace is a cultural multipurpose center managed by Musinsa, Korea’s popular online fashion platform. It is located on the 17th floor of AK& Hongdae near Hongik University Station. The terrace consists of a main lounge used for relaxing as well as exhibition and event purposes, along with shops, café, and an outdoor park. The outdoor park offers a splendid view of downtown Seoul, especially during sunset.

Kakao Friends Hongdae Flagship Store & Gongmihak
Kakao Friends Flagship Store is a Kakao Friends haven in the form of a three-story buildng. On the third floor is Gongmihak, a café and pub that collaborates with Kakao Friends to present adorable baked goods and beverages made using Korea’s traditional ingredients. The first floor is Factory Store, where you can buy Kakao Friends official merchandise at discounted prices.

FUHAHA Cream Bread
Named in reference to the Korean onomatopoeia of a big laughter, FUHAHA Cream Bread is confident their bread will bring joyous laughter to their customers after just one bite. Their signature bread is salt cream bread that features soft crusted bread packed with sweet and salty cream that create a perfect harmony. The store serves take-out only.

Made by Hongdae Branch
Made by Hongdae Branch specializes in selling a variety of stationery, including products like stickers, postcards, letter cards, and cell phone cases. The store is a popular shopping point among stationery collectors as they sell a wide range of products designed by many different designers. Even if you’re not into buying one, just looking at the colorful items will make your time fly by.

Happy Cheese Smile
Happy Cheese Smile presents new ways to enjoy Koreans’ soul food tteokbokki. In addition to the basic spicy tteokbokki, Happy Cheese Smile also serves fried rice cake tteokbokki, fried glass noodles tteokbokki, and rose sauce tteokbokki topped with crispy potato chips. They also offer a wide variety of side meals to choose from. The restaurant can adjust the spiciness level of tteokbokki menus for those who are not used to eating spicy food, so why not give it a try?

Yeonnam Bangagan (BTS photoshoot spot)
Yeonnam Bangagan is a café renovated from an old house. Many aspects of the building remain the same, demonstrating the classic retro look from the past. While the café offers a number of photo opportunities with its antique interior, it is also popular as one of the places where BTS had their photoshoot. The beverages served in Yeonnam Banagagan is as unique as their interior. Their signature menu is chamkkae (sesame) latte, a drink that uses grain powder topped with sesame cream and sprinkled with sesame seeds. The drink has a strong aroma thanks to the sesame that are locally grown and extracted for sesame oil by a professional.

Quafe has earned much attention for its reinterpretation of Korean-style twisted donuts, or kkwabaegi in Korean. In addition to the regular sugar-coated twisted donuts, Quafe offers a wide variety of flavors ranging from earl grey, tiramisu, salted caramel, raspberry, and different toppings. The most popular donut is Unicorn Kkwabaegi, a cream soda-flavored donut coated in rainbow colors.

Cheong Su Dang
Cheong Su Dang is a relaxing café in the middle of the city that offers a tranquil atmosphere with bamboos and a pond. The café consists of one basement floor and two stories and although the interior is designed to bring beautiful photo results, the best photo zone is the café’s entrance decorated with trees and hanging lanterns. Popular menu items include egg coffee topped with egg yolk custard cream and soufflé castella cake made to order.

May Store
May Store is a popular select shop in Yeonnam-dong that showcases a collection of works from a number of brands and designers. While the store may seem fully packed with items, the products are neatly arranged. The shop sells a wide range of products from accessories and bags to postcards, stickers, and even tableware.

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